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Caring for Your Fresh Flowers

There is nothing like the feeling you get when you see someone's face light up the moment you give them flowers... we want it to last!

Flower care is important if you want your flowers to continue to bloom in all their glory for days to come. Here are some quick tips to keep your flowers happy.

Cut the Stems with a Knife
Before you place them in the vase, cut the stems with a sharp knife on a 45 degree angle. Using scissors crushes the stem and limits your flowers to take in new water. A 45 degree angle allows the blooms to keep hydrated.

Change Your Water Often
You wouldn't want to drink the same water day after day and neither do flowers. Change the water every other day to get the most out of your flowers.

Clean the Vase
Many people think changing the water is enough, but if you don't clean the vase between water changes, the bacteria on the side of it will taint the new water.

Re-trim Stems with Water Changes
Notice how your stem ends turn a little slimy after being in water for a while? This gives your flowers a fresh start to access the fresh water.

Repurposing the Old into Something New!

Have many old vases sitting around the house, and thinking of getting rid of them? Why not try repurposing them? All you need is a chalk paint, sand paper, some ribbon, and little bit of love.

Chalk Paint - Your New Best Friend

Visit your closest hardware store/paint store and look for chalk paint spray paint. Spray your vase with chalk paint and let it dry. Once dry, take the sandpaper to the edges (mind you, this gets a little messy!). Tie a ribbon around it and voila! Pottery Barn has nothing on you!

Or... you can always come to Flower Fashions and choose one without the mess or hassle.